rdohn  04-05-2014, 9:34 PM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #4
MovFor  07-18-2013, 6:50 PM Agree 1   Disagree 0 #3
Terrible indeed and that batgirl is out-of-place. This is no Batman.
GetDownMoses  12-06-2012, 2:46 PM Agree 3   Disagree 0 #2
Terrible stuff. All involved should be question their judgement, particularly George Clooney. It is OK to watch in order to remind yourself of how good the Tim Burton films were, thought. And Nolan has got Batman down now anyway.
michellekim  10-18-2011, 4:13 AM Agree 0   Disagree 1 #1
high tech and beautiful scene, beautiful actor and lovely classic story. I love it.
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