dandepriest  01-07-2017, 8:03 PM Agree 15   Disagree 6 #3
lacova  01-05-2017, 2:06 PM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #2
Amazing film, great acting, but also a film that will make you sad. And as the above said Akilla21 , we must never forget or distort history.
Akilla21  01-04-2017, 1:40 PM Agree 1   Disagree 2 #1
I finally, got to see this film online as it didn't make it to mainstream movies, during its initial release. Great film... a shinning example of how white oppression towards blacks in America was more out of fear and greed, than anything else. Its amazing how the oppression of blacks in America continues today. The true history of slavery is muted, the acts of the enslaving whites are covered up , and the lessons of yesterday's past is hidden from today's future. The U.S History omits this part of the American history, in which is the hidden black revolution, in fear of in sighting more hatred against whites. But its not white America that's hated, its white oppression that needs to be quarreled, and that's what's hated. Today's oppression is different than this period depicted in the film, but the oppression is still the same. African Americans have come a long way, but there is still more to come. Thanks Nate Parker for your rendition of history, and lets keep history alive.
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