waterlilybarb  07-17-2015, 11:50 PM Agree 2   Disagree 0 #7
I finally got a chance to sit down and watch this movie, and I loved it! I made a point to avoid spoilers (amazing that I was able to for so long), so enjoyed trying to figure out the puzzle, and was excited when I finally did. Definitely not a fantasy sci-fi movie, as many are these days. It's more along the lines of Contact, which I also enjoyed.
classapcs  07-11-2015, 12:30 PM Agree 2   Disagree 0 #6
True Sci-Fi fans will love it. So if you don't get it, then it's not your genre.
__KK__  06-17-2015, 12:51 PM Agree 2   Disagree 1 #5
Good film, as has been said before, proper sci fi :) you know it when you see it or more likely feel it, now just full of wounder at the possibilities. hope science catches up one day .
grey_wolf_0114  06-09-2015, 8:16 AM Agree 0   Disagree 1 #4
wow, science fiction with real imagination, historical roots, String theory dimensions and other worlds. very nice. only problem was the lead character - I can think of so many others that could have given the character depth and made the movie meaningful at the human level... but definitely worth a watch
seb890  06-07-2015, 3:54 PM Agree 1   Disagree 2 #3
Great movie, whether you understand it or not, it is the kind of movie you dont want to miss. Wonderful jon Nolan.
wagtails  06-07-2015, 2:00 PM Agree 2   Disagree 3 #2
yes, this film will extract approximately 3 hrs of your time, and ultimately your viewing pleasure. dust bowl type weather storms, resulting in respiratory and mental diseases, then seeking resolution by utilizing worm holes in outer space leading back to earth life from other dimensions, would be a very difficult puzzle to piece together on any level. "interstellar" attempts to piece this bizarre idea together, yet could only manufacture this 3 hour "sci/fi diatribe" (if you will, as i lack any better description). avoid this one and enjoy your afternoon.
Berge90  06-06-2015, 2:40 PM Agree 23   Disagree 24 #1
Well, that's three hours of my life I'm never getting back...
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