buddyboy  04-15-2016, 6:16 PM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #11
great movie site. have had it many years, never had any problems,the best yet
chdodd  11-15-2014, 9:33 AM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #10
kicks all ass!!
djgunn  03-01-2014, 5:31 PM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #9
I personally liked this Thor better than the first. The first Thor was just a glorified love story, but this one had a better story line and as for the person with the comment about special effects, what did you expect? it is a movie about a comic book that is adapted from the Norse god, who is from a completely different world
barrywood  02-28-2014, 1:32 AM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #8
good movie
rattlehead890  02-07-2014, 4:19 PM Agree 0   Disagree 1 #7
great site and great film if you ask me.......
GPierson  02-05-2014, 1:41 AM Agree 0   Disagree 1 #6
I liked the first Thor, but this one was just silly. Had special effects and that was all.
GPierson  02-04-2014, 2:07 AM Agree 2   Disagree 0 #5
I really like this site. Consistent and always a huge selection of movies. Hope it's around for years to come! Thanks for bringing all the movies and working out the glitches in a timely manor.
banlron  02-02-2014, 9:27 AM Agree 3   Disagree 0 #4
i agreed with beetle over wolverine then watched thor the subtitles were there for me and i thought it was a great film
Lifeless  02-02-2014, 9:16 AM Agree 1   Disagree 0 #3
I've been using this website for a few years now, and I've never had any problems with any of the films. They do a great job if you ask me...maybe the problem is on your end?
beetlepunk21  02-01-2014, 8:25 PM Agree 9   Disagree 10 #2
I don't really ever comment and I've been a member for years. This is a BOMB-ASS movie website but the quality of some of these movies is EXTREMELY poor... to the point of not wanting to watch it. I've encountered this many times. And it's VERY frustrating. With this movie the sound is out of sync with the picture in some parts. In others the subtitles are missing. The movie The Wolverine got many complaints for not having subtitles and the administrator saw that and fixed it. Could we please do that with ALL the movies?!?! Or at least the good ones? We're wasting money on these movies and not even getting to enjoy them. If any of you have encountered this problem please hit the "thumbs up" so we can have a voice on this issue. Thank you to all and to the Administrator and everyone involved with this website.
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